PlayStation 4

  • TRUCOS:1,731
  • GUIAS:14
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Back in 1995     
Back to Bed   Si 
Back to Bed     
Backgammon Blitz    Si
Badass Hero    Si
Badland   SiSi
Baila Latino   SiSi
Balan Wonderworld     
Bandit Six: Combined Arms   Si 
Bard's Gold   Si 
Basement Crawl   Si 
BATMAN - The Telltale Series Si SiSi
Batman: A Telltale Series Si Si 
Batman: Arkham KnightSiSi SiSi
Batman: Arkham VR Si SiSi
Batman: Return To ArkhamSiSi SiSi
Batman: The Enemy Within - The Telltale Series Si SiSi
Battalion 1944    Si
Battle Chasers: Nightwar   SiSi
Battle Princess Madelyn   Si 
Battle Worlds: Kronos    Si
BattlebornSi  Si 
Battlecursed   SiSi
Battlefield 1Si  SiSi
Battlefield 4   SiSi
Battlefield HardlineSi  SiSi
Battlefield Online   SiSi
Battlefield V   Si 
BattlefieldHardlineMulti   Si 
Battlestar Galactica Deadlock   SiSi
Battlezone Si SiSi
Battlezone Gold Edition   Si 
BC Project   Si 
Beach Buggy Racing     
Bears Can't Drift!?   Si 
Bee Simulator     
Ben 10   Si 
Ben 10: Power Trip     
Berserk and the Band of the Hawk   SiSi
Berserk and the Band of the Hawk    Si
Beyond Blue   Si 
Beyond: Flesh and Blood   SiSi
Beyond: Two SoulsSi   Si
Big Buck Hunter Arcade   Si 
Big City Stories   SiSi
Big Crown: Showdown   Si 
BigFest    Si
BioShock 2     
Birdcakes   Si 
Birthdays the Beginning   Si 
bit Dungeon Plus   SiSi
Bit.Trip Presents... Runner2: Future Legend of Rhythm Alien     
Black & White Bushido     
Black Clover: Quartet Knights     
Black Mirror   Si 
Black Paradox     
Blackhole   SiSi
BLACKHOLE: Complete Edition   SiSi
Blacklight Retribution SiSiSiSi
Blacksea Odyssey   SiSi
Blackwood Crossing   Si 
Blade Arcus from Shining EX     
Bladestorm: Nightmare   Si 
Blast 'Em Bunnies    Si
Blast Zone! Tournament   Si 
Blasters of the Universe    Si
Blasting Agent: Ultimate Edition     
Blasting Agent: Ultimate Edition     
BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle   SiSi
BlazBlue: Central FictionSi  Si 
BlazeRush    Si
Bleed 2   SiSi
Blind   Si 
Blood & Truth   Si 
Blood and Truth     
Blood Bowl 2   SiSi
BloodborneSi  SiSi
Bloodstained: Curse of the MoonSi    
Bloodstained: Curse of the Moon 2     
Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night     
Bloody Zombies   SiSi
Blue Reflection   SiSi
Blue Rider   SiSi
Blue-Collar Astronaut     
Boiling Bolt   SiSi
Bomber Crew: Complete Edition     
Bombing Busters   SiSi
Bombshell   SiSi
Borderlands 3     
Borderlands: The Handsome Collection Si  Si
Bound   SiSi
Bound by Flame  SiSiSi
Bow to Blood: Last Captain Standing     
Bravo Team   Si 
Brawlout   SiSi
Brick Breaker   Si 
Bridge Constructor   SiSi
Bridge Constructor Portal   Si 
Bridge Constructor Stunts   SiSi
Brigandine: The Legend of Runersia     
Broken AgeSi    
Broken Sword 5 - The Serpent's CurseSi  Si 
Brothers: A Tale Of Two SonsSi   Si
Bubsy: Paws of Fire!     
Bubsy: The Woolies Strike Back   SiSi
Buck   Si 
Bullet Girls Phantasia     
Bulletstorm: Full Clip Edition Si   
Burnout Paradise Remastered   Si 
Butcher   SiSi
The Badass Hero     
The Banner Saga Si   
The Banner Saga 2   SiSi
The Bard's Tale IV     
The Bard's Tale: Remastered and Resnarkled     
The Bit.TripSi    
The Blackout Club   SiSi
The Book of Unwritten Tales 2     
The Bridge     
The Bug Butcher   SiSi
The Bunker   SiSi